How do I access my OxBlue interface?

You can access the OxBlue Interface from your web browser or through our app. There are three primary ways to log in to the OxBlue Interface.

Logging In

In your browser, go to or access the login page through the OxBlue website.


There are three primary ways to log into the OxBlue Interface:

Username and Password

To log in with a username and password, type your username and password into the appropriate fields. If you are unsure what you had typed for your password, clicking on the Eye icon will temporarily show the password that you are entering. Clicking on the Eye icon a second time will re-hide your password.

After entering your credentials, click Log In.

If you've forgotten your password, click Forgot Password? and follow the directions.

Don't share login credentials with anyone. As an OxBlue client, you can add an unlimited number of users to your camera. For more information, contact your client support manager.


Click Keep Me Logged In to be automatically logged in from now on.

If you clear your browser cache or browser cookies, you will have to log in again — even when the box was checked.


External Service

OxBlue offers the ability to log into your OxBlue account with your Google, Microsoft/Azure, Procore, or Okta provider. Click on the appropriate service that you'd like to use, and you will be taken to that service's login page. Enter your credentials for that particular service into the login page, click "Log In", and you will be redirected back to OxBlue's client application.

After logging into the external service, you may be prompted for authorization for OxBlue to receive certain information about your account, particularly your email address.


Open Link

If you have an open link, click on the Open Link tab and enter the open link slug into the appropriate field.

 Type in the part of the open link that appears after the "/open/" in the link. As an example, for "", type "apidemo" into the box.


Click Use As Default Open Link to be automatically taken to this open link in future visits to

If you clear your browser cache or browser cookies, you will have to log in again — even when the box was checked.


Logging Out

If you are logged into the interface with a user account, click on the User icon in the upper-right corner and then click Logout.

If you are logged in with an open link, click "Log out" in the upper-right corner.