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How do I turn on artificial intelligence (AI) features?


Note: Before using AI in the Admin Console, make sure to check in with your client support manager. They will turn the feature on for you. 


AI access

Within the Admin Console, click Manage AI Access. You'll now see a list of all camera users with their name, username and organization. A checkmark ✔ or no entry sign 🚫 will note if the user has activity or safety analysis. 

Select the users you’d like to enable for Activity and/or Safety Analysis by checking the box beside the name and then selecting Enable.


Note: You can only enable Activity or Safety Analysis one at a time.

For example - Select Ashli > Enable for Activity Analysis. If Ashli should have access to Safety as well, click Ashli again > Enable for Safety Analysis.


Once users have access, they will be able to view the activity and safety section of the interface.