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How do I change the viewing angle on my Sapphire Series VPTZ camera?


Note: These instructions are for the VPTZ Sapphire Series Camera and are for viewing purposes only. If you want to adjust your camera's physical angle, please contact your client support manager. 


Locate the directional keypad, found on the right side of the screen.


Select the center Home icon to return the camera to the default view.


Use the directional arrows to move the camera around the site and the magnifying glass icons to zoom in and out. There will be a delay prior to movement while the instructions are sent to the camera.


Take a snapshot of the current view with the Camera icon. The snapshot will be saved to your device.


Select the Choose a Preset dropdown to find a predetermined camera position.


Note: The camera may unexpectedly move while viewing due to the preprogrammed snapshot cycle that occurs several times per hour. Please allow the camera to complete the full rotation and afterward, you can resume control. Movement can also occur if more than one user is logged into the system at once.