How do I install my 180+ watt solar panel system?

Tip: Mount the solar panel facing true south

  1. Mount the solar panel: Mount the top pre assembled bracket of the panel first, then ensure it’s set to the preset 45° angle with the lower bracket. Secure the panel with band clamps.
    Solar 180+watt Install2
  2. Mount the solar cabinet: 

    Install the cabinet with band clamps as low as possible for safety and accessibility, approx. 5 ft off the ground (always install the cabinet off the ground). Zip tie loose cables to the pole to keep them secure.

    Solar 180+watt Install3
  3. Install the battery: Place both batteries inside the mounted cabinet then connect them together by bolting the interconnect cables—positive to positive and negative to negative. After the batteries are connected to each other, bolt in the main cabinet’s positive and negative cables.

    Solar 180+watt Install5
  4. Turn on the system: Plug the solar cabinet into the panel using the male/female quick connects and ground wire. Then, flip the breakers in the cabinet to the ON position.

    Solar 180+watt Install6
  5. Confirm installation: Check that the charge controller in the cabinet is displaying a reading (may vary depending on weather). 

    Send photos of (1) the complete installation and (2) the charge controller reading to OxBlue Support at or text your dedicated client support manager. Use the 5-digit ID number found on the back of the camera as the subject line.

    Solar 180+watt Install7