How do I return my large solar system?

  • Turn off the cabinet breakers. Disconnect the battery and remove it from the solar cabinet.
    Solar 180+watt Return
  • Unfasten zip-tied cables from the mount and pinch the prongs to disconnect the solar panel and camera wires.
    Solar 180+watt Return2
  • Remove the cabinet, solar panel, and camera from pole. Solar 180+watt Return3
  • Pack the Camera Box: Place the solar camera, mount, and power cable into the camera box (camera may differ from the image below). Secure the contents with supplied packaging material. Seal the box and peel the original FedEx shipping label to reveal the FedEx return shipping label. 
    Solar 45-50watt Return9
  • Store all other the components inside the solar cabinet, except for the solar panel and battery—they will be fastened to the pallet separately.
    Solar 180+watt Return4
  • Palletize the Cabinet and Battery: Strap the solar cabinet securely to the pallet, then fasten the battery to the pallet separately. Make sure to cover the battery posts.
    Solar 180+watt Return5

ATTENTION: Always keep metal objects or other materials that can short circuit battery terminals away from the batteries 

  • Palletize the Solar Panel: Place the solar panel and mount on the pallet, ensuring the panel is not resting against the cabinet. Secure the mount to the pallet with screws to keep it from shifting in transit. Use foam or particle board to cover and protect the solar panel.
    Solar 180+watt Return6
  • Photograph the pallet and send to OxBlue Client Support at Your client support manager will review the pallet, which will limit your liability in the case of damage. Please do not shrink wrap until confirmed to do so by your support manager.
    Solar 180+watt Return7
  • After we view the photos and everything has been verified to be secured, we will give the okay to shrink wrap the entire unit.
    Solar 180+watt Return8
  • Send a photograph of the shrink wrapped pallet to OxBlue Client Support at
    Solar 180+watt Return9
  • OxBlue will arrange collection of the pallet.Solar 180+watt Return10