How do I mark up an image?


First, click Share above the image you would like to send. 


email share


To mark up a job site image, click Markup. A menu with different mark up options will be displayed across the top of the interface. 


mark up

Draw a Line

Click the 🡥 arrow button to draw a line. A line will appear on the image, which you can rotate, extend and move by dragging the circles at the line's ends. By default, there is an arrow at one end of the line. 


mark up arrow

Draw a Rectangle

Click the ▢ square icon to draw a rectangle. One will appear on the image, and you can resize and move it by dragging the circles at the corners. 


mark up square

Add Text

Click the A icon to add text to an image. Double click the box to edit the text and click the check mark to accept. Drag the circles at its corners to resize the text box and click the body to drag the text box. 


mark up text


Delete a markup by clicking the trashcan icon. 

Email a Mark Up 

Email a marked-up image by clicking the ✉︎ envelope icon. 


mark up email

  1. In From, enter your email.
  2. In To, enter the email address of the recipient(s). Separate multiple email
    addresses by commas.
  3. In Subject, enter the subject of the email. The name of the site is entered for
    you, but you can change it.
  4. In Comments, say something about the image.
  5. If you want to send the email to yourself, check Email me a copy.
  6. Click Send.

Add a Mark Up to Procore


Note: To add a marked-up image to Procore, you must have Procore integrated with your OxBlue interface. Learn how to here. 


To share the marked-up image on Procore, click the Procore icon and follow the instructions in the dialog box.


mark up pc

Download a Mark Up

Click the ⭳ download icon to save your marked-up image on your computer.