How do I compare project progress images?


Note: These tools work best for users with multiple cameras. 


To access project progress tools, click Tools at the top right of your interface. 


click tools to access project progress tools

Project Progress View

The project progress tool shows side-by-side images of your job site from selected dates.


project progress tool


To access it, click Project Progress View in the Tools menu. 


project progress view


The default view compares images from today and from 7 days ago. To change this, click Images From 7 Days Ago and enter how long ago you'd like to see.


compare images


If you have access to multiple cameras, every job site will be featured below the initially requested images. 

Schedule Comparison

The schedule comparison tool displays a series of job site images taken at different intervals. It helps users identify progress milestones, compare similar projects and review timelines of active and completed sites. 


scheduled comparison


To access it, click Schedule Comparison in the Tools menu. 


image comparisons


The default view is weekly and can be set to Daily, Weekly or Monthly


select default view


To go scroll back and forth in time, use the scroll bar under the top series of images. 

Click Filter to see only certain images, like active cameras or completed cameras. 


filter images


Click Start Date to change the first image. 

Click the minimize button to hide a row of images. Expand them again by clicking the double arrow expand button.