How can I edit arm/disarm my security camera, or edit the schedule in Admin Center?

It's easy to arm or disarm your OxBlue Security Monitoring Camera, or edit your existing schedule.

Note that this article is for OxBlue cameras with Security Monitoring already enabled. If you'd like to request Security Monitoring, check out our article on how to request security monitoring on your project.

How to Arm or Disarm Security:

1. Navigate to your existing Security Monitoring Schedule in the Admin Center.

You can navigate to the Admin Center from the OxBlue Interface's 'Admin' Dropdown. Click on the Security Monitoring tab on the left-hand side to view your existing projects with security monitoring enabled. 

click security monitoring

2. Click on the button in the 'Actions' column for the project with Security Monitoring enabled.

Note that the project needs to be in 'Enabled' status for this option to monitoring enabled

3. When you click 'Disarm' or 'Arm', a green confirmation will appear at the bottom of the screen to notify you that the action has taken place.



How to modify your monitoring schedule:

1. Similar to arming or disarming a camera, you can modify the monitoring schedule for a security camera by clicking the 'Actions' column for the desired project.


2. Clicking on 'Update Schedule' will take you to the Schedule Management window where you can view and modify the camera's monitoring schedule.

Schedule management

3. Click on any day's schedule, save changes, and the new schedule will take effect immediately.