What are my options when it comes to securing the jobsite?

Use our Sapphire series' built-in motion detection feature, safeguard your projects with jobsite risk detection. You can choose to review yourself manually, or use a live security team to determine if there’s a true risk.

Alert on your Own Terms:

You can choose to receive automatic jobsite notifications to alert you of various conditions on your jobsite including motion occurring after hours:

  • Choose your monitoring hours & days
  • Set a sleep timer between alerts
  • Select who receives notifications
  • Immediate and automatic email notifications
  • Brief video clips to help you determine the liability level
  • Full, time-stamped recordings for additional documentation

Learn more on how to receive automatic jobsite notifications


Safeguard your projects with security monitoring

Reduce risk, combat theft and prevent damages after-hours through OxBlue’s surveillance monitoring service. While all Sapphire video cameras include motion detection that lets you review threats yourself, our optional service acts as a faster, better first line of defense for the jobsite.

  • Set your security schedule, define follow-up protocols, and let certified surveillance operators keep eyes on the jobsite
  • If motion is detected, monitoring agents will review the alert and evaluate the risk.
  • If there’s a true threat, they’ll dispatch the police and alert site contacts as determined by your protocol.

Our call center of professional agents is 5-Diamond certified, the highest accreditation awarded for monitoring.

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